Drive Customer Engagement Through Training

Enabled with the Salesforce App for Learndot Enterprise

Training doesn't have to be an afterthought. The Salesforce app illustrates the impact of training for your organization with actionable metrics and user insight. Use Learndot Enterprise and Salesforce to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and new revenue generation.

Training Data for your Team

Easily create customer reports inside your Salesforce Instance.


Gather actionable metrics from your training function


Easily push eCommerce activity from Learndot Enterprise to Salesforce

Customer Success

Monitor your customer's progress with your training or certification

Advanced Data Integration

Don't just view static data in an iframe. The Salesforce app uses direct field mapping so your team can create custom reports and connect training data to all your other systems.

Quality Insights for Your Training Business

Visibility and Simplicity

Easily view all your training purchases, customers and accounts in Salesforce.

Control your Data

Avoid manually copying data from Learndot Enterprise to Salesforce - for data accuracy and invoicing purposes.

Share the Results

Allows Training Managers to use their existing Salesforce reports and easily share this data with other areas of the business.

Fit to your Systems

Use your existing business workflow. Learndot Enterprise can easily integrate with your existing systems.

Get Started Building Custom 
Training Reports

The Learndot App is currently listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. Click Below to learn more.

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