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Two solutions to meet your unique needs

Learndot Standard

Build and organize
your customer training.

Is this you now?
  • Deliver ad hoc, one-off customer training
  • Operate mainly in reactive mode when you have to train customers
  • Focus on self-paced training
  • Have no team or a small team
What you may need is:
  • A lightweight and configurable platform
  • Mostly essential functionality
  • Basic quizzing and assessments
  • Basic reporting
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Learndot Enterprise

Enhance and scale
your customer education program.

Is this you now?
  • Deliver structured learning tracks
  • Plan to launch or already have a certification program
  • Offer online and onsite training delivery
  • Have a dedicated team
What you may need is:
  • A full-featured platform
  • A branded training portal
  • Robust integrations with leading 3rd-party solutions
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
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