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The features you need to build training programs your customers deserve.

Award-winning. Designed to scale. Built to last.

Your brand

  • White-labeling
    Amplify your brand with a training portal that looks like an extension of your website. You worked hard to establish it.
  • Custom domain
    Name your training program domain the way you want. Your learners will never know it is hosted on our platform.
  • Personalized experience
    Provide your learners with a custom catalog of training. Focus content on specific user groups - partners, customers, employees.

Your content

    Use our own proprietary SCORM player to customize the interface, get a better control and to quickly adapt to the ever-changing browser settings.
  • Videos
    Host your videos directly on the platform and track playback analytics to get valuable insights on how learners interact with your content.
  • ILT/vILT
    Create and manage your instructor-led training schedule for public and private classes that can be delivered onsite or virtually.
  • Resources and virtual machines
    Implement virtual training labs to help customers learn by doing and retain knowledge long-term. Upload and share digital resources to build up expertise.

Your data

  • Custom reports and dashboards
    Capture learner data and build custom reports for comprehensive analysis to measure training effectiveness. Visualize complex sets of data into easy-to-understand dashboards.
  • Scheduled report delivery
    Give regular progress updates with scheduled report distribution. You control what key metrics to report on, which stakeholders should see them and when to send them.
  • Data pipeline
    Collect learner data in Learndot and push it to your own database. Analyze it with your own tools the way you are used to.

Your pricing

  • Training credits
    Sell your training in bulk and at volume discounts. Your customers can then provide the training to their employees with as little friction as possible.
  • Payment gateways
    Seamlessly integrate with a variety of payment providers and generate a revenue stream with your training.
  • Discount rules
    Use the rich coupon and automated discount rule engine to have the flexibility to offer different pricing to your learners.

Certify your customers

  • Certifications
    Bundle your training into certifications to validate product knowledge. Generate custom certificates based on successful exam completions and set expiration dates.
  • Proofs of completion
    Provide your learners with custom proof of completions upon finishing any of your training content.

Your technology

  • Applications and integrations
    Set up and configure a variety of applications and integrations to consolidate your systems and grow your training business. Integrations with Salesforce, GoToTraining, WebEx, CloudShare, Skytap, and more are available.
Feature Performing Scaling Optimizing
Forecasted annual outcomes:
  • Training sales
  • Enrollments
  • Contacts created



Support your domain
Instructor-led training
Instructor portal
On-demand e-learning
Blended learning
Coupon codes, discount rules, early bird pricing
Training credits
Quizzing (multiple choice, T/F)
Email notifications
Certificate templates


(1 per learning component type)

App manager
  • vILT integrations (GoToTraining, Webex)
  • Payment gateways
  • Cloudshare / SkyTap
  • Google Analytics
  • Kryterion
  • Access to API
Advanced catalog search (for large course catalogs)
Quizzing (multiple question types)
Single sign on (SSO)

(1 connection)

(3 connections)
Learning pathways
Learndot/Salesforce App (bi-directional)
Avatax integration
Data pipeline
Video hosting (streaming charges apply)
Partner network portal