Learndot is the only LMS for Customer Education 
built to your brand and systems.

Our Story

Like many companies, Learndot started out as a solution to a problem faced by its founders.

Learndot began as Matygo, an online tutoring board that grew into a learning management system (LMS). Created for the University of British Columbia (UBC), Matygo was designed as a modern, friendly alternative to Standard LMSs. And it was, if we do say so ourselves.

In 2015, the Learndot platform was acquired by ServiceRocket. The company integrated TrainingRocket, a powerful SaaS LMS, into the Learndot Platform as part of an Enterprise offering. ServiceRocket offers a suite of technologies and services for software training businesses to grow revenue, adoption and customer success. 

Of 700+ Learning Management Systems

Learndot is the Only Customer LMS Built for Software Companies

Solving Customer Education

After months of research and redesign, Learndot was launched in November 2012. This entirely new product targeted the learning needs of businesses. Once again, we focused on solving the problems we ourselves face, shifting our focus to customer education. It's a rapidly growing area and a challenge we ourselves face every day.

The Learning Destination
for Your Business

Our vision is to create an integrated learning destination for your business: the learn dot.

Many of our customers are training their own customers, helping them learn the essential skills required to be efficient in the workforce of tomorrow.

Part of the Solution

The skills that our customers' users are learning are rarely taught in formal education. And as universities become more abstract and expensive, companies are shouldering more responsibility for training. In return, they get deep brand loyalty and build long-term relationships.

We believe this is creating a more efficient world to live in. We're proud to be part of it.

About ServiceRocket

ServiceRocket is the developer of Learndot - the only LMS built for software companies. See what makes us different, and why we chose to wear the Rocket on our chest.

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