Software Companies:
Your Full-Feature Customer LMS has arrived.

The Enterprise tier of Learndot offers a platform designed for software customer education from the ground up.
Designed in Palo Alto, California, Learndot Enterprise now powers the education departments of software companies around the world. Learndot Enterprise delivers adoption, revenue and customer success, all while being fully SOC 2 compliant.

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Keep Track of User Progress

Make sure your users are getting the most from your training. Gain insight from your customer's progress and learn how to build better content.
Our training dashboard makes it easy for administrators to get a clear picture of how customer's understand their software. Custom reports help you understand the state of your training business.

Apps to Power your Systems

Learndot's App Ecosystem makes it easy to integrate valuable tools into your training. Harness the power of training data with our Salesforce integration.
Use our Learndot Analytics to get next level business intelligence about your software training. Custom reports, advanced search, and recurring emails help power your training business.

Manage your Courses

Coordinate your training the way you want to. Make use of course management tools to make sure your users stay on track and up to date.
Schedule different types of eLearning, including online, in person, or virtual classes. Configure custom emails, manage course capacity, and take control of your customer education.

Turn Training into a Profit Center

Training doesn't have to be an afterthought. Use our eCommerce tools and run a profitable P&L business to support your software.
Learndot Enterprise supports a variety of payment methods including coupons, discounts, and training credits. Make it easy for your users to sign up and begin learning.

Enterprise Features at a Glance

Active Learning Smart Tests
  • Explain correct answers, in-line, immediately upon submission
  • Interactive free-form responses
  • Automated feedback system for measuring user understanding
Flexible Grouping & Notifications
  • Create segments and cohorts of customers
  • Tailor and combine materials so you have clearly-targeted content
  • Detailed learning record for every user
  • Run subscription based training programs
Full eCommerce Enablement
  • Integrate various payment gateways and configure for partners, subsidiaries and resellers.
  • International currency support
  • Purchase order support
  • Training credit payments and redemption
  • Coupon codes and discount rules
  • Sales Tax and VAT calculations
  • Address Validation
Lead & Conversion Tracking
  • Form-to-lead creation on public pages
  • Integrated with marketing automation and CRM systems
  • Integrated with Google Analytics for funnel visualization and conversion tracking (Google Adwords)
  • Tracking of abandoned orders for follow-up and remarketing.
  • SEO-friendly URLs, metadata tags and keywords.
Dedicated Partner & Reseller Portals
  • Independent access and management of events and registrations
  • Global administrator view for you and your team
  • Detailed tracking of resellers’ website traffic, sales and revenue share on your training
Pathways & Certifications
  • Create learning tracks based on learner skills and roles
  • Set pre-requisites and electives
  • Progress tracking and badges for milestones
  • Import transcripts and award certifications for successful exams
  • Generate customizable Proof of Completion certificates
Multi-Modal Learning
  • Flexible video embed from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo; add or convert to SCORM
  • Documents, audio, quizzes, exams
  • Create and schedule instructor led training (ILT)
  • Add virtual machine resources for hands-on labs
  • Supplementary material - downloadable files, links
Event Management
  • Schedule online, in person and virtual events
  • Geo-awareness; manage capacity and waitlist
  • Enrollment cut off dates and early-bird pricing
  • Configurable confirmation and reminder emails
  • Post-learning surveys to measure value and customer success
  • Import enrollments and events

Software Companies Trust Learndot to Scale Customer Training.

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