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Molly Massey| Senior Education Manager

“Learndot is purpose-built for customer-facing education programs. It provides the features, functionality and tools we need to create the kind of high-value experience our customers expect.”


Brian Turner | Director of Learning Strategies

Learndot is so easy to use and has all of the integrations we really needed. I was tired of hacking together solutions; with Learndot, it was either ‘yes we have this feature already,’ or ‘we will help you create a solution and make a feature later on,’”


Sarah Sproehnle | VP of Customer Success

They want to hear our ideas and our needs and they really want to build that into our roadmap, which is really important to us because I want to know that I have a vendor that’s with me for the long run.”


Richard Huie-Buckius | Head of Training and Certification

“(Learndot) provided an engine, a single platform, that allowed us to provide all the resources needed for a comprehensive training experience for our students.”